And Then the World Blew Up is Available Now!

Mr. Fish’s brand new book of 13 essays and over 400 cartoons, And Then the World Blew Up, is finally out!  Pick it up online or buy it at an actual bookstore from an actual living person who is likely to make you feel like a pervert for laying down real money for something so crude […]

Without Your Head Podcast

Here I am with documentarian Pablo Bryant on the Without Your Head podcast talking about girls, boys, douchebag idiots, cake, Yakov Smirnoff and how we’re all going to die.  Dig it.

Ain’t it Cool News!

Here’s a review on Ain’t it Cool News of Pablo Bryant’s eye-popping, heartstrings-yanking, gag-inducing nature documentary, Mr. Fish: Cartooning From the Deep End, all about a wee fish’s pathetic struggle to survive in a shallow and filthy puddle that is drying up faster than his ability to grow lungs, legs and a soul empty and […]