Scenes from a Convolution

Here are some illustrations that I did for Truthdig while zigzagging my way through the DNC this week in Philadelphia.  For descriptions of each image, go here.  Dig it.


We Are Not Alone

Here’s the official release announcing my show, We Are Not Alone, at the Robert Berman Gallery in Santa Monica at the end of the month.  Hope to clink glasses with and exchange knowing glances with fellow riffraff at the opening.  Will be working like a motherfucker on the pieces until I ship them out on […]


Stay Tooned

Hey Fish fans!  Having recently received a number of notes from readers wondering why my cartooning output has slowed, I thought it smart to dispel any rumors that might surface of me having lost a limb or gained a Savior or softened my vitriol towards douche bags and fuckheads even a little bit.  I haven’t.  […]