The Crack in the Liberty Bell has Hair

Here is a cartoon that I did about 22 years ago, back when I was but a wee lass with a paintbrush, a prostate and a crazy dream that one day I’d be able to blow a conch shell.  It’s funny how something so throw-away can suddenly become relevant with new political significance . . .



  1. …I’m still laughing…dying!!! This is fabulous! What I want is too have THIS ONE on a t-shirt. I crack up everytime I hear the word butt hole; asshole works here however… And I get that the Liberty Bell may have hair growing in “her” crack, but what concerns me is the conch shell…?

  2. it’s like your nostradamus

  3. you so crazy, mr fish!

  4. I must be dense today but which specific “new political significance” do you have in mind?

  5. You didn’t happen to conjure up some lottery numbers back then, I suppose?

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