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It’s time for all you self-anointed liberal New-York-Times-reading oh so highly pedigreed academic assholes to lick my crystal balls – specifically, you who argued so confidently with me at parties and who, beginning in late 2006 and ending sometime in early 2009, wrote hundreds of angry emails to me and my various publishers insisting that I shut my mouth about why I believed we shouldn’t be standing in line to stick our empty heads up Barack Obama’s ass.  Ironically, this is the same exact group that bemoaned the idiocy of the Republicans who so willingly shoved their own empty heads up the ass of George Bush when he was throwing Lady Liberty around by her hair and demanding that she call him Daddy! Sounds like another case of the pot calling the kettle nigger.  When will we as a culture learn to predict that Froot Loops contains no fruit without first having to suffer the unnecessary abuse of eating enough bowls to pinwheel our eyes, rot our teeth and transform us into mouth-breathing fatsos whose hearts are too diseased to bleed anything but fluorescent cheez, literally and figuratively?

These are some of the cartoons that attracted many of the most violent demands to cease and desist from my readers, the earliest one depicting Brother Barack considering becoming a candidate back in 2006 and the others running through his campaign.  All were published prior to his winning.



  1. hadn’t seen MLK’s nightmare yet. Awesome! But the jackass first, progressive second piece is the best I’ve seen. Just look at that goofy grin on the ass’s face! Har!

  2. Paul Street and others were trying to get the word out but even in left arenas he was marginalized.
    I have Street’s book “Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics” and despite people’s best efforts and connections, he couldn’t get on Democracy Now!
    That said, it’s easy to excoriate people for supporting B.O., especially so slavishly, but the real issue is how does/do the left/progressives/whomever substantively challenge U.S. hegemony & capitalism and the fact that, in Chomsky’s words, “the future of the species is at stake”? Elections are a rigged game and unless one is working to fundamentally change them – a tremendously difficult and long term project – I don’t see how one solution some offer (supporting a third party candidate as here in MA with Jill Stein and Grace Ross for governor) can do anything but install people with whom we have absolutely no leverage. As opposed to the garden variety Dem who responds to grass roots pressure to some limited degree. That’s what many work at and believe me it does save lives and affect the quality of life for the working poor, homeless, etc.
    Of course it’s not enough but we need to build something better and not put so much stock in elections.
    For me, the answer is real grass roots organizing and coalitions in which people work hard to experiment and communicate on tactical issues and occasionally convene to reflect on the whole enchilada. We only have one another and there’s no magic formula for us to achieve these aims. We have to get out and talk and meet and organize – over years, not weeks or months – just like in the old days, and in particular reach out to folks who aren’t in ‘the choir’. In many ways, the time is ripe for something to happen but it takes hard work. And the words of the remarkable Boston organizer Steve Meacham, “if you fight, you may lose, but if you don’t fight, you’ve already lost.”

  3. whocoodanode? I mean besides anyone who read your entrails that you splayed on the stone for us. So regularly… I hope they do shut up now.

  4. And now with Bloody Petraeus aboard, vowing to “win the war no matter what the civilian casualties are” we continue down the Roman road to ruin.
    Barrack W. Obama, indeed.

  5. Seriously, I thought you were holding back. People are god damned retarded and we’re all going to pay a severe price for the rampant stupidity and apathy. I love you work. It speaks to my soul. Screw all of the endless tides of morons you had to waste air on at parties, it’s truly infuriating.

    1. “The results were admittedly disappointing after a Louisiana legislator, conceding that “efforts made by mortals” hadn’t cleaned up the Gulf, called for “a day of unified, intercessory prayer” to do it. Alas, the dislodged cap sent 104,000 gallons of oil per hour gushing into the Gulf “… Stupid…who US ???? Fish’re a bright light on a dark night. Many thanks.

  6. as a “highly pedigreed academic asshole”, I deny the charge. And as for your crystal balls, I will restrain the tongue… But “hear, hear” on the rest!

  7. I rarely see anything in the BS media that makes me feel I live on the same planet as they do.

    That’s why I have always liked your cartoons so much.

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