1. In his criticism of the track record of secular societies, Ibrahim here makes a valid point, but he chooses to ignore the fact that secularism in general and atheism in particular are not generally puffed as promoting morality, while religions, contrary to our historic experience, are. Here in Sweden, for example, no radio programme on moral philosophy can be broadcast without the participation of or an interview with a Jesuit pater, as if the views of this group on, say, sexual relations among consenting adults possessed a special validity not vouchsafed to other beings. And while even secular societies are, alas, also too easily weaponised, they do tend to be somewhat less susceptible to superstitious hokum then their religious counterparts….


  2. Hey Fish, you forgot the Star of David on legs.

  3. Fish,

    Awesome! Truly an I for an I…

  4. Too true…. When will the hating and the killing stop? Great work !

  5. Speaking of easily weaponized, secular states have not fared much better. Case in point is Cambodia under Pol Pot, the former Soviet Union, China, the former Yugoslavia, and numerous other examples. Any ‘ism’ you follow can also be described as hokum. Anarchists (Chomsky is one) are not any better–look at the infighting that occurred in Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia. If people want to off each other, they will do it under the banner of John Lennon if they have to.

    I find it interesting, even though an atheist, Albert Camus often obsessed over God. Atheists have God in their heart more than believers a lot of the time.

  6. Mr. Fish – The best cultural critic working in America today.

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