1. There are some Mr. Fish cartoons I do not get, and I do not agree with all of his views either, but I hope I do not have to. Mr. Fish is a voice of dissent and a place I make a habit of visiting. I did get this cartoon right away, but there are a few that leave me scratching my head. That is a good thing though. Hopefully there is a middle ground to meet and learn from one another and experience a bit of bewilderment, which I like.

  2. Luke – Get a clue… Blind Enthusiasm = Blind Captain America. Similar to what’s taking place in Washington DC this weekend. Mr. Fish displays a lot more insights concerning fundamentalist religion than you’ll ever know.

  3. Luke:
    I believe the implication is that Capt. America is “vision-impaired” and that he’s been out bashing people with his cane (as superheroes are prone to doing) hence the blood streaming off the end of it.

  4. I have no clue what this is about. One third or Mr. Fish’s cartoons are brilliant, better than any others I regularly see, one third are childish and fundamentally ignorant rants about religions that he obviously does not understand, and one third, like this are simply incomprehensible. Is that rod a ski pole? And, if so what is that all about?

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