Please Stand By

Please stand by while Mr. Fish crunches on his book deadline.  What book deadline – what book?  Why, the Mr. Fish book of cartoons and essays called Go Fish to be released this summer by Akashic Books.  Once published, it will either save the planet or return us all to the time of the dinosaurs (pause to allow yourself the thrilling image of Cha-Ka picking nits off a half-dead Holly while simultaneously using his feet to knit Mr. Fish a hammock out of banana leaves).

Will return with fresh cartoons next week.

Dog Day Afternoon

Well, here it is – this year’s holiday animation for  And, just so you know, there’s nothing lewd about it, meaning that you can watch it during the day, in front of God and your stinky Nana and everybody, and you don’t have to wait until the kids are in bed and you’ve got a scotch in one hand and a Camel dangling out of your mouth like a lit fuse, your optimism for the future of the species completely dead and your distrust of anything that the dominant culture says or does overflowing from your black heart like the rankest cesspool Satan’s ever shat into – you know, the usual way you look at stuff on clowncrack.