1. Does anyone else find Obama’s speeches going over the top pompous lately ? On Murbarak last night – frankly irritating.

  2. Another Fish, I spoke with some Egyptians who told me that the attack on the Museums was done by pro-Mubarak forces/police who want to undermine the revolt. Basically trying to give justification to squash it.

  3. Or you can just shoot them like that mother just did with her two teens.

  4. Nice one Fish, I spread it far and wide.
    As fpr the query by another fish–most Egyptians are poor and desperate. Some desperate to grab anything they can sell and earn some badly needed profit. Not that it is a justification, but it is a reason. When I was there, though I felt bad for the Egyptians and their plight, I really wanted to beat-up some of the scammers who pulled fast ones on me. When I factored in the exchange rate, I realized the scammers did not really take that much. If you get enough poor people anywhere, you get burned. But most of them are honest.

    What makes the Egypt thing fascinating is one gets the feeling it could now really go any direction.


  5. Our crumbling Empire, how sad to see it go. Oh well, I hope we all enjoyed our granite countertops and vaulted ceilings. Take a good look at our future as revealed by those poor bastards in Egypt. Good luck, suckers, as Iran moves in to Mubarak’s summer villa. Democracy in Egypt has the same chances as right here in the good ol’ USA.

  6. When they break the museums, they lose me.

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