1. I wondered when I voted for him whether he would be Sheriff Black Bart (Blazing Saddles) or Putney Swope of the Robt Downey Sr. film. Putney Swope it is. Fish and others warned me but I didn’t listen. What a sucker. Never again.

  2. Are we really expecting one person in front of an avalanche to stop the inevitable? The President doesn’t have any real power anymore. He is simply the spokesperson, a symbol, much like the hood ornament on a car. We thought we were getting a Bentley from the looks of him, but we attached him to a lemon of a government. Not even Jesus would have faired any better as President. Obama has no real decision making ability. He is told what to do and what to say. He is just reading a script to his audience as anchors do on the evening news. We in the US suffer from the delusion that our government serves and represents us. I am sorry to inform everyone, but it doesn’t.

  3. it is a PC evil empire totally ruled by the military establishment….Wall Street = Totalitarian St. I tell my friends that people survived under fkn Stalin and we will survive under late stage, predatory capitalism. rocks and stones will win the war for the working class!!!! aim well, think the future.

  4. Could spell the end of civilization as we knew it. Where is Howard Dean when we need him? The greatest cartoon in my lifetime, 77 years.

  5. What’s the poor chap to do ? Rhetoric is one thing, but going against the interests of those who run the country when in office is quite another. The best democracy money can buy….


  6. I’ve been voting since 1976 and Obama was the first Presidential candidate I’ve voted for who won. He’ll have to content himself with that first vote he got from me.

    I can’t wait for Democrats to blame me for President Huckabee.

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