Hillary in Hell

It was impossible for me not to think of the mafia upon hearing that Osama bin Laden had been made to swim with the fishes after taking a bullet to the head.  In fact, the news came to me during a fairly swank fund raiser in LA, probably just as I was being served a crème fraîche garnished by a sprig of mint and dusted with gold infused cocoa talc, and it sickened me to witness the elation on the faces of many of those around me, as if the killing was somehow proof that Barack Obama had seen some sort of spooky justice served and that his reelection would be both a cinch and well-deserved. I then wrote the gag line for this cartoon on the palm of my hand and spent the rest of the evening telling myself over and over again, “There’s no place like Rome, there’s no place like Rome…”  (I expect that there will be more cartoons by me on this crap once I return to my home office on Tuesday – just wanted to post something, using an old drawing that I found on my laptop, before my fucking head exploded.)



  1. The CIA giveth and the CIA taketh away ; blessed be the name of the CIA….


  2. Mourn for Canada. Now firmly under a Kill the Government yoke.

  3. Living and dying by the sword applies to all parties, not just Bin Laden.

    But Canada wants a piece too, the Conservative Party just won a majority like no other. The rednecks have bred faster than ever. Here come the dark ages.

  4. Dear Mr. Fish – I agree with you.

  5. I’m with you brother. I had a very similar experience years ago at a “swank” party where -days after the Rodney King beating- our own Darryl Gates was being awarded a “Medallion of Merit” to a standing ovation by a bunch of Reps. We are animals and moved by very primitive emotions. Your reaction last night -and mine then- are anomolous. We are blessed by a more broad view of the human drama and, I might say, cursed by the contempt raised in so many that hear our point of view as “showing them up.” Keep up the WORK! It is appreciated in some quarters.

    1. What if you don’t have a sword in your hand when they bust in the door? Shooting an unarmed person is kind of crazy. Then again blaming one guy for the acts of 20 plus grown adults is kind of too.

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