1. My first reaction was to remind everyone of Lincoln’s famous aphorism about not beeing able to fool all of the people, all of the time…but really all the media have to do is fool a small fraction of the people…the greedy, the dishonest, the racist and the jingoist are already self deluded and probably beyond help. All they need are the proverbial 50% plus one (and really, between voter apathy and the lock the fascists have on both parties, not even that) and they’re home free. So the media just has to convince enough of the fair minded and decent folks in the middle that the latest movement is populated with a bunch of disorganized freaks, idealistic college kids, derelects and junkies and the status quo are home free. This OWS thing will go off like a wet squib…just like the Tea Party…a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing…the left’s pity party…then when it gets cold out and the prospect of another night shivering in the rain gets to be less appealing than curling up on the couch in front of (insert favorite TV program here) everyone will go back to their hovels. I do hope I’m wrong but I just think that the human capacity to suffer injustice and indignity is far greater than what the average American is actually suffering under the present system.

  2. Is “We’re sick of this plutocracy” so hard to understand?

    Or is it that our corporate media employees are well-paid to not understand?

  3. Where the pseudo-perfect criticize the excellent… Go Kids eat ’em Raw. We are all on your side.

  4. one of them should be holding “I want some pants!”

  5. shackled….and knowing it!

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