1. Some days I make it almost 2 hours without wondering why I bother.
    Then I come here for inspiration. It ain’t pretty inspiration, but it is fucking spot on.

    Thanks – from out here.

    1. Wow – beautifully said! And made me laugh. Couldn’t agree more.

      1. Thanks. It’s good to come here and see that there are at least 7 or 8 of us – out of 300 million or so, that think on a similar plane.

        Oh. Wait. I’ve just depressed myself again.

  2. This cartoon depresses me. Is America really this fucked up? Yesterday, I read an article by Paul Craig Roberts that suggested that America is so far gone that there is no hope and people should just emigrate before the worst emerges. Unfortunately, I too do not feel much hope for this country.

  3. Wow, just wow! Brilliant again and so very very on point!

  4. speechless, fish.

    other than, “why is obama hassling fred sanford?”


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