1. he must have stopped saying yes to the west. great work!!!

  2. So if this level in the puppet brigade are skunks, pray tell, what sort of vile creatures are the global inherited rich that hire, fire and direct these smelly tools?


  3. Brilliant, Dwayne ! Wonder who’s next on the hit list. The Augean stables that need cleansing are to be found mainly in our own countries and our own governments, which are always ready to go to war in the interests of capital….


  4. Brutally honest… Awesome.

  5. Freaking Hilarious…. And so true! Mr. Fish – you are the best.

  6. Too true. Let’s see. I recognize Obama, Cameron, Merkel, Sarcozy, Harper, Netanyahu, Putin…….. Dimon, Boehner, Greenspoon some others missing…. Good likenesses….

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