1. great artwork!
    ween finger đŸ˜‰

  2. Come on, Sammy, chase that dragon!

    I love this piece of art. I want it on on all the billboards for the world to see.

    How in the hell are you going to top this one, Fish? Come on, I dare you.


  3. THIS is stunning, really says it all.

  4. The habits you pick up in the wreckage of Nazi Germany…

  5. Best one yet. Here’s my guess as to what is in the bottle. Hypocrisy.

  6. Now what did General Eisenhower say about gateway drugs?

  7. This one was too strange for me. The previous comments on the page were helpful. Nevertheless, the drawing is quite good.

  8. Let me guess – one of the main ingredients in the substance being injected is «humanitarian intervention» by means of bombs, missiles, drones, and automatic carbines….


  9. WOW! (I really wish I could be more pithy and articulate, but I’m literally speechless) So, WOW!

  10. Ok, Fish. Damn you for having to have me use my imagination!
    I have been spinning on what is in the “happy poison” bottle! And wily you, leaving it up to me!

    Very sweet, my friend. Who knew Uncle Sam would become the Keith Richards of countries!

  11. Dude – You are the Best.

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