1. …and it took them ten years to do it.

    …and Bush couldn’t get the job done.


    Bloody ell!

  2. And this evening…. The Puppet on a String President spinning lies about shooting fish in a barrel. The same Navy Seals shot down in a helicopter “accident” in Afghanistan a few months ago….? The Mythology of American Exceptionalism never ceases to amaze. All stemming from the lies and fables of Old Testament bullshit. One hopes for, but doesn’t count on an overall awakening of humanity.

  3. Well, what else are they going to do on “Loyalty Day?”

    STUNNING, Mr. Fish, with a capital everything!

    What’s so funny ’bout peace, love and understanding?

  4. Thanks Mr. Fish, Once again you’ve captured the reality of something that’s been distorted into a patriotic fantasy. Love your book and just got the t-shirt I ordered with one of my favourite of your works of art (the kid w/ a hand giving the peace sign & the “I Want You…” poem) Plus thank you for using Made in America products like those @ FreeSpeechTV, DemocracyNow! And Link TV do too. But I’ve got to say your going to make me go broke if you keep creating so many works I want =) My new favourite is the “The Prayer” Brilliant !

  5. There it is, stripped of all the bullshit, a most realistic portrayal, never to be seen in the corporate media.

    Right on target, Mr. Fish.

    1. Indeed….

  6. Easy there my friend…

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