Mr. Fish starting at The Nation

At long last, I’ve secured a gig at The Nation Magazine.  My stuff will appear, first, on the website, about twice a month or more, before my appearance in the hardcopy version is figured out.  Don’t be shy about leaving comments on the Nation site as the magazine could use some serious radicalization and I could use the credit.

Anyway, here it is.



  1. I do hope you go after the “Repulsive Progressive Hypocrites” that represent the Nation Magazine and the majority of its readers!

    1. “go after them” meaning: to expose them for what they are.

  2. «Radicalisation» at the «Nation» ?!! Why soon you’ll be proposing that we organise a new chapter of the IWW ! never thought I’d live to see the day….

    Keep up the good work !


  3. Congrats sir!
    Congrats Fish fans…
    I’ll bring some of my misspelled ‘radiklezation’ to the Nation as well.
    My apologies ahead of time.

  4. I cancelled my 12 year subscription to The Nation in 2008 when my patience for their full bore support for Obama left me wondering why I should support political writing that was dreamy eyed and less informed than I was .

    I HOPE the hire of Mr. Fish means CHANGE at The Nation.

    The change Obama brought to the Democratic Party is acceptance of preemptive war, torture, etc.

    Since I have faith in the immutability of Mr. Fish, The Nation will have to change for this marriage to last.

  5. Wow…well done Fish. So many places to see your work, so little time, which makes for AWESOME! Off to The Nation now to comment as well.

    Oh and Fish, now that you’re famous…don’t forget the little guy and gal.

    What’s so funny ’bout peace love and understanding?

  6. DUDE!

    OUTSTANDING! Super cool, congrats, my friend.
    rock on,

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