1. Huh, great comments here. Not unusual, but these are unusually poignant.

    I would like to take this time out of my very dear time and admit in a public forum that I have never attended a Memorial Day event. Not even a BBQ.

    I’m assuming this means that a poorly diguised DOJ monkey, or Homeland Security monkey, your choice, will be showing up to question my patriotism tomorrow around 2am without knocking. Really, can’t they at least knock first?

    Time to dust off my copy of Vonnegut’s, “Mother Night” for the yearly reading.

    What’s so funny ’bout PEACE, love and understanding?

  2. Support Your Empire.

    Empire rewards your support with cradle to grave care, ranging the gamut from indoctrination to interment.

    And a holiday for those who bought in to previous marketing campaigns for honor and advancement through lives lived and lives ended in support of Empire.

    And celebration of those who fought for extension of empire abroad instead of extension of freedom from government oppression at home.

    Because Empire loves you. Or loves to hate you. (Don’t get caught up in intellectual nuance, Joe six-pack. Just salute.)

  3. Agree with kozandaishi. Let me add that closing the Pentagon would support not merely the troops, but also all others who desire a Republic, rather than an Empire….


  4. Support the Troops – Close the Pentagon.

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