1. Why is that useless bastard just NOW starting to wonder? If I was god or if there was such an entity, shall we call it, I would have flushed after, well, just slightly after birth. Or maybe, this IS the afterbirth. Ya know, that would explain a few things.

    What’s so funny ’bout peace love and understanding? This time that question is for our loving “God.”

  2. Suggest that «God» needn’t worry ; the ability of his stand in, the creature said to be made in his image, to «flush the whole blasted experiment» is hardly open to question. Just look, for example, at with what enthusiasm and tenacity the Nobel Peace Prize laureate for 2009 uses war and the threat of war as an instrument of national policy, despite what such documents as the UN Charter have to say on the matter….


  3. But you kid the Gnostics….

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