1. See, first, there is a magical line on the ground only special people can see.

    Now depending on which side of the line you are on, either one is a hero or a terrorist when responding to aggression with deadly force.

    No, No… forget about that. It all depends on your personal albedo, about how much light reflects off of you. Forget about that line stuff.

    No, sometimes that line stuff works.

    I give up trying to figure this out. This stand your ground stuff just doesn’t make any sense at all.

  2. Easy, Dwayne. The most obvious (to the general public) consequences of the so-called «stand your ground» foreign policy – which, given the widening wars and the increase in US military bases abroad, would perhaps better be described as «continue to expand and kill more people» – take place in foreign lands, some of which many people in the US would have some difficulty in locating on a map. Thus it is easy for the corporate media to create «heroes», and the generals to add new ribands to the collections they display on their breasts. The consequences of «stand your ground» policies at home, however – unprovoked murder – are harder to disguise, and even the corporate media find it challenging to make a hero out of such unpromising material as George Zimmerman….


    PS : Ironically, the domestic consequencies of a «stand your ground» foreign policy are still greater than those of its domestic counterpart, but alas, their connexion to this policy is, generally speaking, less obvious to those who have not devoted a fair amount of time and energy to studying the matter. The further concentration of wealth in the hands of the 1 %, the restriction of civil liberites in the name of «security», the monetisation of politics at all levels, not least the federal one, etc, etc. are all related to the imperial policies pursued by the US government abroad. One cannot have an Empire abroad and preserve a Republic at home ; one has to choose….

  3. Right on Mr. Fish…
    One has given up hope for your country.
    Logic escaped some forty bleak years ago….
    Nobody knows now where to look for it, let alone how to recapture it.
    Enjoy the race to the bottom… It’s all downhill….

  4. Fish – I think you just fucked my mind six ways to Sunday. I was going to say that it depends on whose ground one is standing on, but then the ground of my own being dropped off right in front of me and I was left staring into the abyss…. And something was gazing back. Can’t we all just get along?

  5. Damn you, Fish. Ya made me cry.

    What’s so goddamned motherfucking funny ’bout peace love and some fucking understanding thrown in too?

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