1. This is simply amazing. Any chance we’ll see a high-res version so I can make it my wallpaper?

  2. That is awesome!

    The height and weight of the victim can only be estimated from the
    partial remains. The torso has been severed in mid-thorax. There are no major organs remaining. May I have a glass of water please? Right arm has been severed, above the elbow with massive tissue loss in the upper musculature. Thank you very much. Partially denuded bone remaining, this was no boat accident!

  3. Love it. Fantastic imagination. Pure genius, you bastard.

  4. OK, now I’m scared.

  5. “We’re going to need a bigger church.”

  6. Absolutely fabulous.

  7. “Beware of the fish people, they are the true enemy.” -Frank Zappa

  8. “…with Roy Scheider, as Jesus!”

    Roy: “My god. That’s the biggest pope i’ve ever seen!”

  9. I’m always slightly stunned by how you turn known shapes into new thing with new meanings.

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