1. I read that Obama donated his Nobel money to buy drones. His charity of choice.

  2. Aw, Fish, I’ve wanted to tear that dough boy’s guts out for YEARS! And there you go beating me to it. But in a much more comical way. Please pardon the bad pun. I get them from Boxcar (I swear).

    I continue to be enamored with every damn cartoon you create. And we’ve never even so much as sent each other partially nude photos) The power of art.

    What’s so funny ’bout peace love and understanding.

  3. A lot of people going to stay home in November… Maybe not the right thing to do but maybe the moral thing.

  4. As far as I’m concerned, whoever (including Howard Dean) votes for Obama, votes for the killers of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, Jr. ….

  5. Vote Obama : Vote the American Empire of Natural Born Killers™

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