1. Hahaha….don’t make me laugh! You think John McCain is The Miracle-Worker or what? And he eats, sleeps and breathes militarism…YUCK!

    1. *Oops…Sorry*. The above comment was meant as a reply to ‘another fish’ below’. I had such a hard time with the captcha that i got distracted and put it in the wrong spot.

  2. 4 more years of winning!

    He will fix everything just like all who have preceded him.

    Who needs mommy and daddy when you have government.

    Maybe he will even tuck us in at night.

    For the sheeple, by the sheeple.

  3. If only Oprah Winfrey had kept her f..king fingers out of politics, we would have had an entirely different hstory and a diffferent President.

  4. To think that if Oprah Winfrey had just kept her f..king fingers out of politics we would have had a different president……. Jeeze…!

  5. That’s my new motto : «but at least…»


    1. hahahahaha….aint it the truth. We’ve all had to use that one a lot in the last 3 years…

      Excellent, Mr. Fish!

  6. Let us divorce ourselves from the False Dichotomy that is US Politics. Walk away from the disgrace that is Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils. And continue to call bullshit on Fascism in America. Thank you as usual, Mr. Fish.

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