1. Jeeeeeeeeeezus. Why can’t ONE man in the world do ANYTHING without making it all about their dick? My vagina and I didn’t start out as adversaries either but ya don’t see me parading elitist literary references cartoon-style all over the most elitist mags and blogs and papers about it do ya? NO. Show off! (nice hard penis though I gotta admit, what are ya doing Friday night?) Oh and by the way, my vagina is the one foe that whale NEVER would have made it away from, let alone alive. Just sayin’.

    What’s so funny ’bout peace love and understanding?

  2. Ah, Richard Ahab is it now ? I’ve always wondered. Bet no one ever called him ┬źDick┬╗ to his face….


  3. “Moby Qaeda” – Starring George Barack Obama Bush as Captain Ahab and Al-Qaeda as the Whale… Mr. Fish (pun intended) is most definitely Ishmael.

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