1. Just don’t let Halliburton build the shower stalls. PLEASE don’t let Halliburton build any more shower stalls.

  2. We are surely back in the mid-early -‘forties…
    Who’d a thunk…….

  3. Fish – This one has to rank up there with your Wall of Fame All Time Best Ever. So sickeningly cogent and implicating on so many levels. All I can say is, hats off to your spot fucking on insight and truth telling. Keep it up, my friend…. Please keep it up.

  4. Overburden is most commonly the rock, soil, and ecosystem that lie above a coal seam or ore body.

    The unspeakable component of overburden is the human population that must be moved or destroyed (by the invisible hand—invisible to corporate media) to gain access to Buckminster Fuller’s “energy slaves”, hydrocarbon fuels.

    With the coming of energy slaves the lives of human slaves have been devalued as being only overburden in the same manner as unwanted natural gas is flared off of oil wells.

  5. So so hard to admit this truth, but truth it be. We’re a very sick society. I’m not sure what principles of the blood-thirsty Democracy we have always been, will pull us out of this bloodlust. More money, more dead brown people, the end of the global climate as we know it?

    So glad you’re here Fish to put a picture and words to this ugliness. It takes courage. Maybe that’s what the rest of us are lacking.

    What’s so funny ’bout PEACE, LOVE and UNDERSTANDING?

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