1. Apologies for my first ever comment, after years of fandom to be a criticism ; but, wouldn’t Democrat – Republican be better labels? The inherent fallacies in a linear left – right spectrum to define ideology notwithstanding, the presumption that anything approaching a “left” in this country is in any way connected to the mainstream is sadly farcical.

  2. I am minded of another Hunter Stockton Thompson quote :

    «What we are looking at on all our TV sets is a man [i e, Richard Milhouse Nixon] who finally, after 24 years of frenzied effort, became the President of the United States with a personal salary of $200,000 a year and an unlimited expense account including a fleet of private helicopters, jetliners, armored cars, personal mansions and estates on both coasts and control over a budget beyond the wildest dream of King Midas . . . and all the dumb bastard can show us, after five years of total freedom to do anything he wants with all this power, is a shattered national economy, disastrous defeat in a war we could have ended four years ago on far better terms than he finally came around to, and a hand-picked personal staff put together through five years of screening, whose collective criminal record will blow the minds of high-school American History students for the next 100 years.»

    How many «high-school American History students» do you know whose minds are now, nearly four decades later, being «blown» by the collective criminal record of Mr Nixon’s personal staff ? Indeed, I suspect that very few of them have ever heard of it. What, alas, we seem to learn from the past is that nobody – or nearly nobody – learns from the past, and so we continue to make the same mistakes again and again and again, and no daring surgical team with the proper training is willing to come forth to separate the Siamese twins….


  3. A War Addicted and Criminal Nation Rots from the Head down… Today’s shooting in Denver is symptomatic of the top-down violence perpetuated on society by Wall Street, the US Congress, and the US Military sanctioned mass murder by video drones. We are a nation of overfed comic book clowns without a trace of true morality.

    “America… just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable.”
    ̶ Hunter Thomson

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