1. Have to agree with FairlyFatGuy – the medium is not quite the same thing as the message (pace Marshall McLuhan !) and there’s little point in supporting the misinformation purveyed by the corporate press media, just because it is printed by ink on dead trees (thank those Chinese who are incapable of innovation for that invention !) . One can get one’s daily does of misinformation from the TV (financed by advertising, for which, of course, you pay) or the web (ditto)….


  2. Welcome to the post-literate society.

  3. Huh? Stick to them drawrings that youse does eyed be able to foller yer meanin’ betters…

    What’s so funny bout piece, luv and undstandeering?

  4. Why should a soul pay 30 dollars a month to be misinformed by the times.When they can be just as misinformed watching the tv.

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