Here is the illustration that I did for the Chris Hedges column over on Truthdig this week.  I’m really getting into this style of illustration.  I do it by scanning in the white, beaten up parts of old lp covers and then I use my mouse to draw all the tiny shapes that make up any given image, pop them out and color them in.  I do this for hundreds of shapes and layer them and, voila, a goddamn picture.  Dig it.






  1. Curious about the old lp covers part, I managed to hold on to all my old vinyl too so I’m naturally curious about what LP’s you have used or are going to use. Can you say witch album you used in the work above? I’m a collector geek and especially music related stuff, I can’t help it =}
    Looking forward to future works to see if recognise any. Its a cool mix! And thanks for sharing a bit of your creative process, it’s made me feel inspired to go ahead and try a couple ideas I’ve had rattling around the ol’ attic.

    1. The album I used for that one is an album by Stan Getz and Luiz Bonfa called Jazz Samba Encore! It has such a nice section of white on the back sleeve. Other’s I’ve used are, of course, the Beatles White Album and James Taylor’s Greatest Hits. Mostly, though, I use a lot of jazz records.

  2. Whatever you’re doing it’s working. I love the look of this image. It’s fantastic!

  3. Confessions of an Economic Skull and Bones Hit Man or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Dick Cheney’s Battery Powered Heart Pump

  4. Henceforth to be known as the Boners’ album cover!

  5. thanks, fish, for the insight into your process. I am so interested.

    The Mrs and I have often discussed how we think you get it done. She says it’s through hours and hours of very hard and meticulous craftsmanship. my sense is that it’s simply mounds of peyote, a pen and the evening.
    thanks, my friend.peace.

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