1. Hey, I’ve seen your cartoons since 1990 (!) and others have said we ought to have gotten together long ago… Too bad I didn’t even pursue that until lately, eh? My question for you is, what are you doing to avoid getting out-manuvered (and corralled) by groups like http://www.politicalcartoons.com? Which have an addiction (heh heh) of running ahead of good artists and then entrapping them in the Game. Until people like you “get tired” and co-opted.

    Anyway, I’d like to share some of my political cartoons with you!

    blacklisted for all intents and purposes….

  2. I hope that the first things that go up in flames when global warming heats the earth to unlivable conditions are the flags. Not just the flag of the US but all flags. They are phony cloth symbols of meaningless slogans (one nation under god my arse) and promises broken (with liberty and justice for all.) And as long as each country has a different “god-flag” to worship there will always be division.

    Again superior work by Mr. Fish who has been a verry busy boy as of late. My seal of approval, sir! Rock on.

    What’s so funny ’bout peace love and understanding?

  3. Mr. Fish – One of your best, featuring beautiful artwork and the essential understanding of what 21st century Amerika has become, a full-blown fascist state. The nonsensical false dichotomy farce known as the 2012 presidential election is a carnival sideshow, meant to entertain rubes, goobers, and psychopaths. The sad fact is that this nation is a cold blooded killer fueled by war, fraud, and deception. A nation of true believers, wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross, intent on destruction and control of all that is “other” – look it up, it’s in the instruction manual.

  4. It’s all Betsy Ross’ fault….


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