1. If only they could get half as agitated over the atrocities in Syria, Palestine, drone bombs against Afghanistan and Pakistan and on…

  2. Allo Henri

    Can the Prophet be satirized in an artful way without veering into Islamophobia?

    This is from 2010 http://tinyurl.com/cb35tbu
    Pretty modest but censored in the US…
    Concessions made toward a sacred calf among the given dogmas.

    – Whether there exists a true patricidal resentment and animosity in our culture of what has historically prevailed emphasized by a championing its apparent opposite OR less interestingly, mere pragmatic fear of reprisal from unforgiving zealots guides our decisions of what may be satirized..

    Rushdie 9/17/12 http://www.charlierose.com/view/interview/12558

  3. Oh, if ONLY!
    If only there were street protests over bad art.
    I would have been first in line with a burning effigy of Ray Romano years ago!

  4. Herr Vilks is a laughing stock among his artist contemporaries here in Sweden, but at last, after several decades of bootless efforts, he seems to have found a way to make a living by using his incompetence and lack of creativity to serve the noble cause of Islamophobia….


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