1. Henri

    I appreciate hearing from you. The philosophical question of assuming a purely doctrinair trade driven non-interventionism would seem to imply some bleak sacrifices.

    Perhaps this is a difficult contingency to conceptualize for an American.
    Carrying the geopolitical footprint of perhaps, New Zealand as our domestic circumstance is hemorrhaging would be attractive for economic purposes.

    Would be novel anyway to keep our name out of people’s mouth for a single news cycle when it comes to undesired military posturing and so forth.

    Interestingly, the sterile hypothetical of an agnostic trade-based orientation in Sino-Sudanese relations hardly exists

    Amnesty International http://tinyurl.com/8n5a8uh

  2. Well, zap, my answer would be that the issue is hardly one of China and no questions asked on the one side and the USA being concerned with «human rights» and «democracy», but rather that the claims of the latter (nota bene, the government, not that of ordinary residents) are pure and simple hypocrisy – a proposition which I maintain is more than demonstrated by the evidence available. Given this fact – as I maintain it is – I far prefer the Chinese position of non-interference. But perhaps you believe that the Chinese «sucking oil from Sudan» (a more neutral description might perhaps be «China purchasing oil from Sudan at market prices») is a far greater crime than the interminable US wars of aggression in say, Southwest and Central Asia (which you, perhaps, might regard as interventions in order to promote «human rights» and «democracy»). The Nürnberg Criteria, however, would not agree….


  3. Way to push it just to the edge, Mr. Fish.

    Thankfully for Glenn there is no hell. Nor heaven above.

    Darn good thing those virgins are clearly from one of the many Christian Sects or the Middle East would explode all over again just like it has with very little provocation; except a few nudges from religious fanatics and Imperialists for over 4000 years. I wonder which cartoon or blasphemous work of art started it all. (totally rhetorical)

    1. Thank you for your comments BLW.

      Especially about the “little” nudge.

    2. wryly insightful and abstruse.. Much truth there but the West obsesses over itself a prime mover in this sense I think perhaps at some folly.

      Respectfully wonder whether the readers here would find it an improvement if US foreign policy assumed the agnostic posture of China – driven primarily by trade with no guise of human rights… as in sucking oil from Sudan no questions asked ?

      “In our society, a woman without a husband or brothers is a dead woman,” http://tinyurl.com/8u42tws

      Where is involvement an iteration of cultural imperialism vs. one of deontology?

  4. Seventy-two really old virgins, past their use-by date, is my idea of hell.

  5. When there is nowhere
    that you have determined
    to call your own,
    then no matter where you go
    you are always going home.
    ̶ Muso Soseki (1275-1351)

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