1. Has Dwayne been moonlighting and teaching Bibi how to draw ? This cookie-monster sketch certainly seems of a higher class than the preceding redlined-bomb one !…


  2. L’chaim, Mr. Fish, L’chaim. Brilliant and kosher! As always, you mashugena kid, you.

    Ahhh, Shalom/peace. Would be such a mitzvah for the world. But that probably won’t happen with Bibi the bomber around. Or frankly, let’s get real, EVER, considering the Israeli mindset of “they’re ALL trying to kill us.” Oy vey.

    Hey Bibi, what’s so funny ’bout Shalom, love and understanding? And don’t answer with another question, that’s so Jewish.

  3. One “crazy” drawing pictures about another.

  4. Next, Bibi will show the class how to finger-paint….using real blood!

    brilliant, fish.
    stay strong. peace. bx

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