1. Interesting that a State which refuses to accede to the treaty accuses another State – falsely, as it turns out – of failing to live up to its treaty obligations. But the State of Israel, despite its brief history, is – with the kind help of the corporate media in Western Europe and North America – one of the most accomplished pratitioners of the art which a certain Duc de La Rochfoucault defined as «the homage which Vice pays to Virtue»….


  2. How naughty can people get…?

  3. Freaking Brilliant. You should submit this one to Haaretz.

    1. Nope. Submit it instead to the muzzzzzzzzzzlims – nose cone first!

      1. Good one Burt!!

        1. Jew-Christian vs Muslim = False Dichotomy. It’s not a question of belief. It’s a question of consciousness. Either free the mind or bomb the world in the name of fairy tales.

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