1. Very good point, but you forgot to include the US arms industry and their competitors who guard their sacred profits, an industry with no morals who don’t give a damn if they sell to the good, or the bad guys.

  2. Ahh c’mon Fish, you should know that well off American and Israeli life is more important than Pakistani, Palestinian, Afghani. Iraqi, and heck, even poor American life. Some are more equal that others.

  3. Should be on the front page of every newspaper and magazine and the side of every truck, street car, bus, and childs’ school bag in the country.

    1. Agreed.

  4. For some reason, I am convinced that Joseph Robinette Biden will carry out this arduous task with his characteristic grace and skill….


  5. Biden has got a big job to do. He has to milk this hypocrisy in the media enough so that his boss can complete his sell out of our social safety net that is causing the problems to begin with

  6. Amazing picture, the two faces of Joe in one picture.

    I can’t tell if his hands are emulating prayer or a Glock.

  7. This is exactly why Mr. Fish is the best cultural critic/political cartoonist in America – No Bullshit and Straight up Truth. Tell it like it is, Brother… tell it like it is – you are appreciated and thank you.

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