1. LOVE IT, Thanks!

  2. Thanks Mr. Fish you bring much needed light with your honest cartoons that so often capture the feelings/frustrations many of have. Cheers to you and yours during the holiday season and into the new year whatever it may bring.

  3. Multi-coloured lights free to roam ? Just what the doctor ordered at the winter solstice – thanks, Dwayne !…


  4. Priceless…. The best gift in my Christmas stocking.
    I have e-mailed a copy to everyone on my contact list.
    Keep up your stellar work.
    And a happy New Year to you and to everyone that sends comments to your blog. I love you all.
    And Peace Love and Understanding and Severe Gun Control to everyone.

  5. Exactly…. Happy Holidays to you, Mr Fish. Wishing you all the best for 2013 – and please keep the heresies flowing.

  6. peace, my friend. thanks for all the fish.

  7. merry christmas and happy holidays. jeff sent me your let there be lights video. it was great like all your cartoons.some are over my head but so was your art when we were kids but i still always enjoyed it. be safe tjanks for shareing your tallents jim k.

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