1. A little civics lesson about Da Founding Fada’s follows:

    “See, right here, at the top. It says We Da People.

    It don’t say You Da People. It don’t say nothin’ about you.

    Now get outa here, you knuckleheads, before I crack your skulls.”

  2. And I who thought that «American Democracy» was finding its practical applications in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention northwestern Pakistan, Yemen, and elsewhere ’round the globe !…


  3. And its turtles all the way down……

  4. More Fucking Wars (MFW™) – Because that’s just how America rolls. Secure (i.e. steal) those natural resources, before the whole shithouse blows. Democracy…? Don’t kid yourself. Wall Street robber weasels should be in prison, the Pentagon shuttered, and Congress sent home. Other than that, thank fucking god it’s almost 2013… Pass the champagne and to hell with anyone making less than $400,000/year.

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