1. A word of warning…

    Be careful not to give Pope Francis any ammunition for his bullshit PR campaign. The man is not serious. I feel slightly responsible for this shit, so take it from an old so-and-so, and be extra careful. Even without compromising yourself, the whole project could fart in the face.

    1. I’d encourage Fish to put the petal to the medal, and let the farts fall where they may. That’s precisely the problem – the Church (and all organized religion) is way too fucking serious. Most uptight Christers and other fundamentalists need to chill the fuck out. But speaking of farts, that’s just my heretical opinion.

      1. Just watch your back Mr Fish. That’s all I’m saying.

  2. I never send greeting cards but the possibilities of the Mr. Fish line of cards for all occasions has real possibilities for me.

    I can imagine sending cards out for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Labor Day, Easter, etc. even as RSVPs so people can know where I’m coming from so they won’t be surprised when I get there.

    A little laughter might even relax their sphincters and aid their breathing.

  3. I suppose it is too late to buy these as Christmas cards to send to those special friends and relatives?

  4. Inter urinam et faeces nascimur….


    1. Holy Shit and Jesus Christ, Henri – You nailed it, so to speak. Wishing a (late) Happy Winter Solstice to you, Mr. Fish, his merry band of prankster devotees, and all heretics and pagans throughout all time and space.

      1. <3 <3 <3 & XOXOXOX to all!

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