Holiday Re-Animation

‘Tis the season, once again, to amp up our enthusiasm for groundless optimism and synthesized hope and to role play love and understanding amid twinkling lights, roast goose and the benevolent voodoo we imagine emanating from a mythical and telepathic baby Jesus rumored to be coming back as a grownup any day now for the purpose of killing those of us whose thoughts he’s been eavesdropping on and finding insufficiently myopic and cloying and gullible beyond belief.   And I’m glad it’s here – I need new socks and underwear.  Additionally, please accept my apologies for not posting many cartoons recently as there has been a bit of a shift in my professional and artistic obligations.  Having quit Truthdig at the end of September, I am no longer  contractually bound to produce any cartoons for anybody, a position that I haven’t been in for more than a decade.  And while I plan on returning to my usual output of creating approximately 5 cartoons a week for Clowncrack, I’m currently finishing up work on a graphic novel called For Christ’s Sake, a book for USC/Annenberg about the past, present and future of political cartoons and graphic commentary called WARNING: Graphic Content and, finally, a Mr. Fish TV animation project that I will be sharing with my audience soon.

That said, here’s my yearly holiday animation, previously done for Truthdig, now done for Clowncrack.  Dig it.



  1. Fish and the webmistress,

    Awesome stuff! Coffee?

    Peace out,

  2. Really pleased to have found Clown Crack. Since Gary Larson retired I have not until now found a cartoonist who consistently makes me laugh and think as much. Brilliant stuff. I would be interested to know why Mr Fish quit Truthdig. Anyone know?

  3. Dear Mr. Benevolent Voodoo – You remain one of my personal heroes. Love the animation and the soundtrack, and very much looking forward to your For Christ’s Sake graphic novel. The title puts a gleaming, wicked smile on my face. Keep slinging the world class Truth and Horseshit, and all the best to the Fish Family in 2014. Thank you as always for sharing your outstanding work – it’s appreciated.

  4. I constantly dream of steamrolling my enemies in such a manner. If I can manipulate the big dumb peace symbol into rolling over, crushing and squashing my enemies (this holiday season), I will be invincible!!!

  5. Fish Wife, it now works perfectly, at least on my rig. Season’s greetings to you and the fish !,,,


  6. Dude! Autoplay?!? Grrr…

    1. Sorry, Alan. I fixed it.

      The FishWife (webmistress)

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