This cartoon was done in solidarity with all the political and editorial cartoonists whose livelihoods over the last decade have been obliterated by an industry crippled by editorial cowardice, economic hardship and the masthead replacement of champions of free speech and artistic freedom with dimwitted blue bloods and their business strategists.




  1. I, too, have wondered what happened to our brilliant dark Mr. Fish for the past few months. This particular “cartoon” seems to sum everything up doesn’t it?

    Freedom of editorial speech? Political heresy? Perish the thought! Slam the very idea into the cement before it begins to spread!

    Every weekend I blog “Alternative Saturday Cartoons” and after a year or so it is becoming increasingly difficult to offer my readers fresh material. Thank you for your contributions!

  2. Chills! Goosebumps!
    Mr. Fish Now! Accept no substitutes.

  3. And a double right the fuck on…Mr. Fish…rage and scream and shout and draw and write and keep going, just keep going.

    Most days I end up crying because there seem to be no strong voices left.

    Today I ended up crying because one of the strongest artistic visionaries of our time, that’s you, my friend, is battling still for a piece of sanity in what is surely a sad joke in this human wasteland of war and oil and wars for oil and oily wars.

    Whether we are battling for the freedom to express ourselves without fear or to save this planet for something other than a complete dystopia, we have to do it together.

    So, I’ll echo Box, we all need to rage, and scream and shout and fight against the machine that is laughably transparent yet seemingly impossible to breach.


  4. MR FISH!
    So glad to see your recent postings after a bit of a break. I was beginning to believe that either you OR I had died. Wasn’t sure which. But now I learn it is the fading freedom of personal expression that lay in critical condition in the ICU.

    Well, the patient isn’t dead (yet) and I do feel it’s time to bring Boxcar from the depths to do his part in assisting the battle which you have always been at the vanguard of.

    Great to see you still pass vinegar.

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