1. Hillary will be under so much pressure to prove that women can be as bloodthirsty and psychopathic as any man who has ever held that office. Lack of a penis won’t be a factor.

    I say she caves and runs the body count way up if given the chance.

    The performance of the current resident has proven that his minority status gives nothing away to his lighter hued predecessors.

  2. I feel like she needs no programming, it’s been permanently ingrained in her DNA. Sure !’d love to see someone with some integrity, such as Bernie Saunders for example. But it’s become painfully clear only a select insiders willing to play the role of “The worlds most powerful person” (cough cough bullshit cough) the so called news covers the soap opera as if it was all real. Believe me I want REAL change as much as the rest of of the silenced majority, but sadly it’s going to have to get much worse before we set aside all the artificial “differences” they (the ruling cartel) have so skillfully gotten us to believe in before that change will come, Until then brace yourself… It’s going to get much much worse before common sense change wins the day.

  3. Hillary in 2016, a US war on China and Russia in 2017. Great expectations, as someone once said….


    1. Nailed it, Mr. M. The first female US Prez, who will thoroughly enjoy the job of kill, kill, killing. 1st day…YES to the Keystone XL Pipeline. Because her family and our other American dynasties will settle for nothing less than perfection for themselves; the rest of us can eat cake and wash it down with arsenic and mercury.

      So much for a woman’s nurturing side. Let’s just put that silly notion away for good. Equal rights and “progress.” We’ve come a long way, baby.

  4. “I’m singin’ in the rain, what a glorious feeling, I’m happy again.”

    Long live our royalty.

    1. And one more comment to Fishy…there’s your little girl putting down her Tagalongs for the greater good of the war machine. For some reason, maybe because, I’m a woman, it feels counterintuitive. But then again, I’m a pacifist pussy, so fuck me and my kumbaya attitude. This one struck a chord for me, I can’t get it out of my head. You did your job quite well…keep ’em coming, Master. 😉

  5. If we must have Presidential dynasties, can’t we find another Progressive Roosevelt somewhere?

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