1. Maybe he should make a rousing speech about it…like he always does.
    And then do nothing about it…like he always does.
    And then shoot some buckets…like he always does.
    And then…Oh, to hell with it!
    Like he always does.

  2. Keep running in circles, that’s a good President. Good doggie. You’ll get your treats later…

  3. Depressing to realise that what comes next is most likely to be even worse….


  4. You’re a sick $@*^.

  5. Odogma might not be able to catch his tail, but if he lays down and lifts one leg over his head, he should be able to reach his juicy underparts, source of his most profound public pronouncements.

  6. Fucker is going to make one hundred millions dollars, just like Bill Clinton.

    For selling out his voters to multinational corporations. Just like Bill Clinton.

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