1. At least Obama is doing his own dirty work for a change. I suppose that’s the change he mentioned, oh so long ago.

  2. O, I’m sure Mr Obama would hire someone else to dig the hole, thereby helping to lower the number of registered unemployed in the US….


  3. Barack Obama as Ed Sullivan, waiting to host Mr. Snowden on his “Really Big Shew….” As someone once said, “There’s no business, like show-trial business.”

  4. i fear Snowden will never be welcomed back in the US. Not in his life time, anyway. No politico will ever say he is anything but a traitor. The US is wanting absolution without having to admit its sins on this, torture, vet abuse, etc. Bush–>Obama–>45….will continue the sweeping under the rug. Especially if SCOTUS rules in favor of police search smartphones without a warrant.

    Stay put, Snowden. Europe will welcome you soon enough.

    Thanks FISH!

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