1. By land or by sea, we’re still number fucking one! Who’s ready for some football? Looks like soggy Sam might make a great nickel back. Hey, we have our fucking priorities straight, Fish. How dare you question what REALLY matters about America. Stunning idiocy and SPECTACLE.

  2. I hereby submit the resume of Mr.Fish [to The Intercept], cartoonist and sustaining spring of psychic energy for these dark times: [See “About” , on this site.]

  3. Hiring at the Intercept

    Time for followers of Mr. Fish, upholder of Truth and Horseshit to make the Intercept aware of this man’s subtle genius.

    Posted at the Intercept:

    “I suggest you hire Chris Hedges and Dwayne Booth, AKA Mr.Fish.

    Chris Hedges is a prize winning reporter who could not “color within the lines” at the New York Times. And what serious political publication can afford to be without a serious political cartoonist?”

    1. Take out Chris Hedges and I’m with ya.

  4. The pure size of the oceans framing the enormous North American land mass has seemed to historically instill a curious case of national penis envy in the US government and its ill-tempered citizens. How else to explain the enslavement and slaughter of indigenous peoples both domestically and beyond our borders, since the founding of the country and up through the current day. Might also explain the US obsession with “he who has the biggest missiles gets to fuck the other country into total submission and destruction” aka the practice of war as rape.

  5. Mr. Fish has a way with words that puts him in a different category than most political cartoonists.
    He’s also more ballsy and to the point than most.

    1. Absofuckinglutely.

  6. Who said the spirit of adventure is dead and that there are no frontiers left to conquer ?!!…


  7. Moby Dick Head

    1. Well I still haven’t sufficiently focused my chi enough to get involved in the actual process of reading the novel, but I would nevertheless like to…. anyway…

      MOBY SHIT!!!

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