1. One of your finest works EVER! All I can say is, ummmm, WOW!

  2. You mean the NSA and James Robert Clapper (and his boss Barack Hussein Obama – if, indeed, that is their relationship) are going to start telling the truth to the people of the US and the whole world ! Wow ! But I’ll believe when I see it….


  3. The King (with wagging finger): “Now don’t forget people…. joyous guilt + rage = enlightenment and enlightenment = love”

    1. Just forget about the joyous part. I feel it is only confusing the issue at hand. It’s all your fault Mr. Fish for bringing it up in the first place.

  4. Upside down world where the master goes by the name of “Public Servant” and the “Sovereign People” serve the master.

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