1. I’m still just pissed that we haven’t seen the tides lowering as our dear President promised. But hey, he had to say something to get elected. He doesn’t have to actually do anything now that he’s prez except exactly what you’ve portrayed here.

    Thanks for the Sisyphus-esque rendition of our popular mythology, I mean political will, at work. Futility. America’s only real import/export business. Who needs TPP?

  2. The futility of individual political resistance against the Red and Blue hoards, the “Red” and “Blue” tsunamis being symbolic descriptors indicating the duopoly parties, commonly used to differentiate party orientation, in usages such as in the phrase, “the Red and Blue states.”

    Americans have become infantilized in the sense of their political voice being drowned in the duopoly’s cacophony that forecloses effective political opposition, allowing the duopoly to act without their consent and with impunity.

    The tsunami of Red and Blue political advertising presented as news is devoid of any meaning corresponding to reality, or principle beyond party power.

    Preventing peace, the concept being deceptively sold by Blue advertising (by associating the word “peace” with Blue) can mean nothing other than the support of continuous war. Blue sees no need to move to a peace orientation, but actually functions as the conservator of the war status quo.

    Political support for prevention of Red-party-initiated wars, while possibly naively principled, remains futile when the “only viable option,” the false opposition Blue party, functions in a war conservative role at best, and war initiator in its own right, at worst.

  3. Fish

    Beautiful illustration, my friend. Love the contrast in colors and concepts.

    Am honest enough to admit my dimness here, in finding meaning. Any Fish Fans care to help me understand the intent here? It appears equally difficult to hold back the waves of war and peace when i can’t believe that was the intent? Hhmm…Either way, it’s beautiful.

  4. King Cnut attempting to hold back the tide ?…


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