1. Right the fuck on. Right the fuck on! Right the fuck on.

  2. Last time I had some anti-war-like photos on a wall in a coffee shop frequented by many a confused war-supporting Democrat and at least four well-aware of their insanities Teabagger types…I had one Obama voter in tears hug and thank me, and one human who asked when I was going to do a positive show on Nixon.

    It’s been all downhill fucking since then…

    Thank you Fish, thank you and thank you.
    It’s a mess out here.

  3. But alas, the people who produce and view/listen to that art are not….


  4. “The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” Steven Biko

    We live in a world populated by malicious fictions serving pathological institutions that exist only to enslave thought.

    Humor is not an escape from reality, but an escape from illusion, said Bill Hicks.

    The oppressor fears for the continued existence of his institutions and their power; their power derives only from the deceptions by which they obtain the consent of the deceived.

    The oppressor’s fictions can only be resisted on the plane of their existence, and on this plane will these fictions meet their nemeses, Art and Humor.

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