1. I fear you got it wrong, Dwayne – that’s Mr Blitzer waiting for the teleprompter to tell him that Michael Richard Pence is now US president, so that everybody can go back to sleep while the assault on free speech, environmental science, civil rights for women, Muslims, Blacks, Latinos, LGBTQs, Muslims (they need to be mentioned twice), and immigrants – not to mention, the rest of the world – continues unabated….


  2. Personally I enjoy CNN’s Lexus ads.

  3. The main stream media s coming in their collective pants. They finally got an absolute lunatic in the White House that just may steer us towards the apocalypse. Can you imagine the live shots from the pit of fire? The ad rates are going to be magnificent.

  4. I just love watching teleprompter readers trying to position themselves in relation to Trump. They and their script writers still don’t know who they are supposed to be in this theater of the absurd.

    It looked so much easier for them with Obama; most seemed to know where they stood and could play it in their sleep.

  5. Would that be the same teleprompter telling Wolfie that the overt disdain coming from American corporatized mainstream media for objective investigative reporting and truth-telling, is also fucking inexcusable?

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