1. If he is in fact—as he is rumored to be—greatly indebted, Trump is the true embodiment of the U.S.A., which is the greatest debtor in the history of the world.

    The U.S. is a net debtor to the world and controls its creditors by threatening their default by its own default. U.S. creditors have no interest in forcing the U.S. default and the inevitable collapse of the dollar because the trillions of dollars they hold will then lose value, thus destroying what remains of their own abstract wealth.

    Also as does a religion that sentences its heretics to death, heretical unbelievers in the dollar will be burned, tortured, and bombed by the great military that backs and enforces global faith in the dollar.

    The dollar is an object of faith, both because of its backing by the violence of war, and also by the economic suicide of attacking it in the global economy; whoever kills belief in the value of the dollar kills itself, as well as other economies holding it, just as surely as a nuclear attack on the U.S. will effectively become the suicide attack of the attacker.

    The U.S. is both a military and an economic suicide bomber.

    And both Trump and the economic Power Elite of the U.S.A. know how to leverage great debt into great power over its creditors.

    Those who were paying attention on September 20, 2008 will remember the unconditional “gift” of 700,000,000,000 dollars given by the U.S. Treasury to criminal bankers after receipt of a three page extortion proposal to pay up or else—the economy will be crashed as a consequence of the criminality of these very bankers.

    1. “The fate of humanity relies on the ability of the working class to organize itself independently of the parties of war and capitalism and to seize power from the imperialist war architects before they transform the planet into rubble.”

      -Eric London

      luvvy loves the revolutionary optimism of the WSWS

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