1. Saw the drawing which left me seeking “comprehension” then just happened to read the paragraph below p72 from The Continuum Concept:
    “..the empty lives that follow the deprivations, the “affectionless characters of the most grossly deprived; those who have lost the ability to form attachments, which is to say to know the value of life itself, ever. It documents the torments of those still active in the battle for their birthright measure of love, lying, stealing, attacking brutally, or clinging with the intensity of leeches to mother figures, regressing to infantile behavior in the hope of being treated at last as the infant that is still within them starving for its experience. It records the perpetuation of these desperate people as they produce children they cannot love, who grow up like themselves, antiself, antisocial, incapable of giving, destined forever to go hungry.”

    I think this goes also for a lot who stand behind his type of rhetoric and actions. Toxic culture. Gross National Product.

  2. To some, Trump looks just fine here, dressed in his best suit of clothes — the best clothes of the finest material that ever was, and that only the best people, of the best race, can see.

  3. It’s all that nasty Gospodin Putin’s fault….


  4. Really.

    How could the Trump “pussy grabbing”, ” Blood coming out of her whatever”, get the TV-PG rating of a civics lesson, and then a critique of Trump’s antics be deemed TV-MA, for mature audiences only?

    Is the media supposed to fight bad mouthing behavior with one arm tied behind its back?

    “As you dish out, so shall you be dished to,” should be the rule.

    What sense of propriety remains in the wake of Trump yet to be disturbed?

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