1. Good to see, Dwayne, the above acknowledgement of the fact that maintaining a doctrine US exceptionalism is not going to lead to a more peaceful and better world. But I do wish that the danger of proclaming that doctrine in more subtle ways, e g, by Mr Obama (who stated that he believed in it with «every fibre of his being)» had also been recognised and addressed, back in the day….


    1. Good one!!!

      This may be only obliquely (a word I just learned today and I hate learning new words) related to the above cartoon and your comment, but goshdarnit!!! It really breaks my heart to see the FEMEN spectacle and the pink pussy people who I am at least biologically (if not emotionally) drawn to allowing themselves to be used in such a manner…

      We Need to Talk about Women: The Problem with Western Liberal ‘Feminists’

      1. I agree that “oblique” is a viscerally unsatisfying word (at least within the context in which you used it). Oblique reminds me of “opaque” (as in redacted) and “obscured”, rather than “peripherally related”, which is what you probably should have wrote (or typed). It also calls to mind the wondrous “oblivious”.

        It just sounds like one of those useless words that people use to sound intelligent and get the most out of their education.

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