1. Wow!!! very well put…

  2. «I did this for Truthdig. Dig it.» No small number of visitors to Truthdig did, in fact, do just that, Dwayne, and you and many posters were in certain cases roundly berated as «progressives», who failed to flock round dear Ms Clinton’s banner and whom the US Democratic Party should ignore as unfaithful. Rather, that party, according to these knights of the DNC, should attempt to appeal to «regressives», whom, for some strange reason, are to be regarded as more faithful. Therewith, the Dems are sure to win !…

    So it goes !…


  3. The severance of a society from reality, as ours has been severed from collective recognition of the severity of climate change and the fatal consequences of empire and deindustrialization, leaves it without the intellectual and institutional mechanisms to confront its impending mortality. It exists in a state of self-induced hypnosis and self-delusion. It seeks momentary euphoria and meaning in tawdry entertainment and acts of violence and destruction, including against people who are demonized and blamed for society’s demise. It hastens its self-immolation while holding up the supposed inevitability of a glorious national resurgence. Idiots and charlatans, the handmaidens of death, lure us into the abyss. – Hedges in Truthdig

  4. Limbo down, America.

    How low can you go?

    1. wish i’da said that.

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