1. The jackboots are being made as we sleep.

  2. TLDR

  3. I call this deja vu-like, nightmarish ritual, the emergance from which seems hopeless as long as the power stays on, the matrix.

    Behold the matrix sweet lambs. The forrest is dark and forboding, yea but the pasture will yet consume you as well. See you beware. Your plaintive bleating fades wistfully to no ear. The flashing teeth of the wolf transport you to enlightenment.

  4. Brilliant, Mr. Fish – in a just and righteous world, this piece would be featured in a retrospective of your work at the National Gallery. Or as Gandhi once said in reference to Western civilization…. “I think it would be a good idea.”

  5. I must confess that I often skip reading the ToS – and what is worse, scroll down to give the algorithm the impression that I am doing so ! – otherwise I’d never dare use the product in question….

    Waiting for that midnight knock on the door….


  6. The nation is divided between some who see a scam and try to let others see it to avoid it, and others, who when they see a scam try to figure out (before anyone else understands it) how to grab a piece of the scam’s proceeds for themselves .

    Like crabs in a bucket, with everybody trying to climb out over everybody else and dooming most to a life stuck in the bucket.

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